Our Own Pug Story


Hello, we are the Morrisey family, welcome to the Proud Pug. We are happy you are
It was sad moment when dad got his cancer diagnosis. But this moment,
however hard, led to one of the most beautiful
gifts for our family. 
After the diagnosis on the first week we were always trying to maintain a 
positive attitude for dad. The whole family was there keeping busy and 
helping out.
Trying to stay distracted. but of course, there was a feeling of 
sadness in the air. Undeniable, deep sadness. 
After a few days, we were sitting around on a sunny afternoon on the back
porch trying to keep dad in good spirits. 
My mom showed up after a few hours of being out running
errands and she had something in her arms.
Our jaws dropped as we saw this tiny little pug puppy. 
Ill never forget that day not because of how cute the puppy was (of course that too!) but because of the smile on my dads face.
For that moment he forgot about the cancer and helmet go of all his worries.
He named him Napoleon.
For the remaining 2 years of my dads life Napoleon would be at every treatment and by his side for every tough night. 
Dad has passed, so now Napoleon helps keep Mom company. Napolean also has two sister, Lola and Stella. 



Merry Christmas From Our Family

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