NASA Discovers 3 Pug Planets

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NASA Discovers 3 Pug Planets

About a week ago NASA made an announcement of the newly discovered seven earthlike planets orbiting around a “nearby” star at 40 light-years away known as Trappist-1. According to experts at NASA 3 of these planets are habitable and do carry life!

The Pug Shop got the exclusive on what NASA has yet to publicly announce is that the first three exoplanets are inhabited by…PUGS. That’s right our beloved PUGS are the sole inhabitants of three newly discovered planets!

Let’s take a closer look...

1. The first planet known as Trappist-1P seems to be a tropical climate where the pugs are the dominant species roaming the jungles for millions of years. Here’s a closer look: 

2. The second planet known as Trappist-1U is a little more unusual than the other two discovered pug planets in that 95% of this world’s surface is covered in water. The pugs in this world have adapted and swim freely with grace. Just look at him go...

3. The last discovered pug planet known as Trappist-1G has what we estimate close to 3 billion wild pugs; the biggest most earth-like planet, the pugs here are more intelligent than some people on Earth. They seem to have set up some sort of thriving advanced civilization. See one example of this evolved species below...

Trappist-1 P, U, and G are the first exoplanets discovered with pugs living on them! OUTTA THIS WORLD AM I RIGHT? Which one of these pug planets would you like to live on? Pack your bags!