5 Tips For Keeping A Happy And Healthy Pug

5 Tips For Keeping A Happy And Healthy Pug

Do you have a pug in your life? Would you say this pug is your baby, your best friend, your partner in crime, your loyal companion? If you answered yes, I’m sure you want your pug to live a long, happy, healthy life, so continue reading!

A pug is unique and full of life but unfortunately because it is a brachycephalic breed, a pug does come with some challenges with breathing, weight, and temperature issues. The Proud Pug is here to bring you 5 tips so that your pug has the best chance at having a happy and healthy life!

1. DIET. 
I am not here to body shame your pug because all pugs are beautiful! But due to a pug’s size, stature and breathing issues they are prone to gaining weight. Limit treat giving but do not starve your pug! They have a healthy appetite and if you feed them the right food, I’m talking high-quality, nutritious dog food not table scraps (stay strong I know they are looking up at you with those eyes!) you would not have to deny your pug so much. I recommend doing your research or consulting your veterinarian for exact dietary needs and options.

Finding the right amount of exercise for a pug can be tricky! Be patient and invest some time into making sure that your pug is getting some walking/play time that is adequate for their abilities.  Ideally your pug should be walked twice per day for about 20 to 30 minutes, but pay attention to how your pug is reacting! If your pug starts breathing too heavy, slow down take it easy, do no not over exert your pug! Because of their breathing and temperature issues they can easily over heat (especially during Summer months!) so always pay close attention. Pugs on average sleep about 14 hours a day (sounds nice!) so they do need some exercise, not a lot, but just enough.

One on one time with your pug is important, they are social dogs! Make them feel special, take your pug to a park or even with you to the pet store or to run errands. Happy pug, happy life. I’m sure you can already see the joy on your pug’s face when they realize they are going somewhere besides the vet! Not only is this good for your pug’s psyche and emotional health, but it’s good for you too—so hop in the car and take your pug for a nice ride.

I’m sure you heard this before, but it’s very important so I’m telling you again. Pugs are extremely affected by heat and have a difficult time maintain their body temperatures. Also please take into account that just because they don’t seem physically affected by the heat at the moment, they still can be affected long-term. Help your pug stay cool by providing a cool environment, a little kiddie pool during summer, but make sure to avoid peak hot hours for walks, and always fresh drinking water.

1. LOVE.
This may be obvious and some of you are probably saying “duhhh” but we get busy and caught up with life, sometimes we forget to give daily attention and love to our beloved pugs. Remember you have a lovable funny pug waiting to make you laugh and cheer you up. Regardless of your mood sit, laugh, play, talk to your pug! They love your attention almost as much as they love to sleep and eat. Pugs crave that attention to be truly happy and happy healthy pug lives a longer life!

If you have more tips, please share them in the comments!

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