5 Reasons Pugs & Wine Are a Match Made in Heaven!

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5 Reasons Pugs & Wine Are a Match Made in Heaven!

Who needs cheese with wine when you can have pugs and wine? Cheese is probably the most well-known wine pairing but pugs are the true perfect pairing and we can prove it!

Like Thelma & Louise, milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly; when you find that that thing that just *clicks* you need to hang on tight. Let’s take a look at five reasons why pugs and wine are a match made in heaven...

1. Pugs are classy

Let's face it, pugs radiate class. They aren’t going to look at you funny when you’re holding your pinky up drinking that $100 bottle of wine you can't afford. They understand the life, they live the life, and they are that life. 

2. Pugs don't judge

When one glass turns into one bottle, don't worry, pugs don't judge. Pugs believe self-control is overrated; the more the better! 


3. Pugs don't talk 

After a long day at work where you're chatty co-worker Sally was yapping away at the water cooler, you get to come home and pour yourself a glass of wine. What goes better with wine than silence? That’s what a pug is for. A perfect companion and partner in wine who won't talk through your favorite movie. 

4. You don't have to share your chocolate 

You know the moment, you're about two glasses in and the sweet-tooth hits. So you creep to the kitchen looking for that Trader Joe's chocolate bar and OH NO... only a few squares left! Don't worry, your pug can't have chocolate so you can have the WHOLE thing! Drinking with your pug just got a lot sweeter. 

3. If you're drinking with a pug, you're not drinking alone 

Fact. Feel free to kick back, put on a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt, pour that glass of wine and invite your favorite drinking buddy who will always return your calls and texts and is never late for the party. 

At the Proud Pug we think pugs and wine are such a dream combination we actually made a whole collection out of it! Wine not?? Feel free to pop on over to the shop to check out our WINE NOT? collection! Totes, pins, pillows, t-shirts, make-up pouches, wall art and more!