5 Pugs Instagram Accounts You Have to Follow Right This Second

5 Pugs Instagram Accounts You Have to Follow Right This Second

Cute pictures of pugs; need I say more?

There are actually so many pug Instagram accounts that it’s kind of overwhelming in the best way possible. Of course you want to follow them all, but here are five accounts you definitely should be following if you are a pug lover.


5. Instagram: @pugdashians    

Name: Sissy, Cuppy, and Tilly
Number of followers: 58k
Kardashians who? These three party girls love to take pictures in their fierce outfits! I’m waiting for their reality show Keeping up with the Pugdashians.


4. Instagram: @pugloulou

Name: Loulou
Number of followers: 81.4k
Do not let the snoring fool ya, Loulou is a real lady. Hailing from the Netherlands this cutie who is also a foodie will melt your heart.


3. Instagram: @gilesthepug

Name: Giles and Nigel
Number of Followers: 81.9k
This is a two for one deal! These Jersey boys have an impressive bow tie collection and some of the best poses around!

2. Instagram: @gwentheblackpug

Name: Gwen
Number of Followers: 69.6k
LOOK AT THAT FACE. Enough said.


1. Instagram: @itsdougthepug


Name: Doug
Number of Followers:  2.5M
yes, you read that correctly, it’s not a typo—Doug the pug really does have over 2 million followers. The most followed pug on Instagram (and anywhere really) is a New York Times best-seller and a fashionable dude. Also known as the King of Pop Culture, would this list really have been complete if I did not include Doug?!


6. BONUS!!

Instagram: @theproudpug

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