11 Pugs That Can Defy Gravity

11 Pugs That Can Defy Gravity

You think pugs aren’t magical? Here are 11 examples of times when pugs put their middle paw up to the laws of nature and defied gravity!

1. Like I just told you, pugs can defy gravity just take a look at Bob here who is almost 3 feet off the ground with no plan of what to do next. You can just see the magic in his eyes....

2. Or this pug who is king of the local playground. He didn't lose those winter pounds, but he's not going to let a few extra wrinkles stop him from flying through the air!

3. First he was down and now he’s up. How do these gravity defying pugs do it?? 

4. Hello Kitty never looked quite so dangerous. Gravity...who needs it?

5. Gravity is only a suggestion for this Olympic pug.

6. Although sometime defying gravity can take practice, especially when you can’t decide whether to go over or under the bar in time... 

7. It would help to have some majestic wings 

8. Or maybe a cape! 

9. Although sometimes being a super magical gravity defying pug is more fun with your best friend... 

10. Especially if your best friend is a cute blue elephant 

11. And even if your best friend is well...a donkey.